Smart Email Alerts – The Followistic Plugin for WordPress

Smart Email Alerts by Followistic_WordPress

Followistic on WordPress has arrived: We got the first version of our Smart Email Alerts plugin ready for you. Now, setting up Followistic on your blog will be easier than ever. Read on for all the details.


“Your Smart Email Alerts sound awesome… What do I need to do to make it work?”

Hearing the first part of this quote from potential customers is great. And for many, especially bigger ones, the answer to the second part isA�easy because they usually haveA�everything Followistic needs to work in place already. Installation in 5 minutes? Check!

Yet, especially some smaller websites sometimes had trouble with setting up the right meta tags in the past. While using Followistic is a bliss for our customers’ visitors (setting up an email alert literally takes 1 click), the initial setup for some of our customers has not been quite as easy as we would have liked.

Long story short, we are about to change that, starting with WordPress 🙂


Smart Email Alerts for WordPress

Instead of setting up Followistic manually, you can now simply use our dedicated Smart Email Alerts plugin for WordPress. Installing it is a piece of cake, just follow these threeA�easy steps:

1. Go to your WordPress admin, select “Plugins” in the sidebar and then click “Add new”.

Setp 1 - Plugins > Add new


2. Search for “Followistic” to find the Smart Email Alerts plugin. Select “Install now” and then “Activate plugin”.

Step 2 - Search > Install


3. Select “Followistic” in the sidebar to go to the setup page. You’ll see two options on the setup page:

Step 3 - Create account

  1. If you don’t have a Followistic account yet, just click “Get started”. You’ll be forwarded to where you can create an account for free. Here you can also customize your widget and email alerts to match the layout of your website. After you are done with customizing, just go to “Settings > Installation > WordPress” to get your API key. Copy the key, go back to your WP admin and paste it on the setup page then click “Use this key”.
  2. If you already haveA�a Followistic account, simply paste your API key here and click “Use this key”

And that’s it. By default there will be the nifty Smart Email Alerts plugin below all your posts now, listing the topic, category and author tags for your visitors to select and follow via email.


The Settings

In your WP admin, you can go to the Followistic settings anytime by clicking on “Followistic” in the sidebar. If you prefer to place the widget somewhere else instead of below your posts, simply select the “Add to theme (manual placement)” option in the dropdown.
All changes to the layout of your widget and alert notifications can be done by logging in to your account on Here you’ll also find comprehensive statistics on who uses Smart Email Alerts on your site, which topics as well as articles are most popular, how many alerts were sent, opened clicked and much more.


We hope you’ll enjoy the new, simplified onboarding in WordPress. Give us a shout for any suggestions or in case you got questions: [email protected].




Eric co-founded Followistic and is usually busy with talking to customers and our developer team alike, trying to get everything running smoothly. Besides that he is crafting content for the blog of course.