Get Your Startup Ready for the New European VAT Regulations Today

New European VAT Legislation_Followistic

On 1. January 2015 the European Union changedA�its VAT legislation. This change has aA�major impact on startups, especially SaaS providers. Read on for the whole story on whatA�happenedA�and how that will affect you and your business.


Thursday: Call our tax consultant to clarify VAT legislation. I had put it on my checklist. And it did not have high priority. In the end, it’s simply VAT, Value Added Tax, a sales tax added to the money that we invoice, right?

Boy, was I wrong.

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How to Increase Your Followistic Subscription Rate by up to 50%


The one and only thing that makes visitors subscribe to email alertsA�on your site is, well, the Followistic widget. So it’s of utmost importance to integrate the widget efficiently. Where to put it? What colors work best? What copy to choose for introducing it to your visitors? We got the answers for you!


Yep, you read correctly. You can get up to 50% more visitors to subscribe via theA�Followistic widget by following a few simple rules. To that effect we have analysed many different kind of widget implementations and here are our top recommendations which can increase your subscriptionA�rate up to 50%. Continue Reading ➙