The 10 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin)

YARPP WordPress Related Posts Plugin


The Pros:A�Many options for customization, recommendation works well, no registration required and it’s free

The Cons:A�Might appear slightly overwhelming for WP beginners, blocked by some hosting companies

Publishers site:
Wordpress link:A�


The Details

While the slightly nerdy name might not be everybody’s cup of tea, YARPP (which stands for Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) is actually a really awesome related contentA�plugin. In a sense, it’s heritage is opposite to Outbrain and Taboola: YARPP started out purely as a related posts plugin (yep, hence the name).

And you will notice the difference from the start: Dozens of templates allow you to choose a display style that best matches your website. And of course, you can further customize the templates yourself if need be. The recommendation engine itself works very well showing content that actually is related.

You do not need to register to use YARPP since it is hosted on your blog. On the one hand, that’s good news as it gives you total control. On the other hand, depending on how big your website and content archive are, it can potentially slow down loading time. Having said that, YARPP is optimized to load quickly and resource efficiently. Therefore, you’ll probably only experience some loading issues if you have a very large website. And even then YARPP has something for you.

It’s important to note though that some WordPress hosters such as WP Engine do not allow the use of YARPP for exactly that reason. If that applies to you check externally hosted plugins such asA�Zemanta or Contextly.

If you would like to earn some money and have related posts at the same time there is YARP Pro. After registering for Pro, YARPP will use some of the related post space to display native advertising (yep, just like Outbrain and Taboola).

The one slightly negative thing that we’d like to point out is that YARRP is full of features and sometimes the user interface can feel a little bit overwhelming. Nothing big, especially for experienced WP users, but should be mentioned nevertheless.

As you might have noticed we are pretty big fans of YARPP. And we are not alone! The download counter currently stands at more than 3 million and the average rating of 3.8 stars is not bad either. So, if you want a solid related posts plugin with tons of options to play with, YARRP is a great choice (and it’s also a great alternative to nrelate if you are looking for one).


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Eric co-founded Followistic and is usually busy with talking to customers and our developer team alike, trying to get everything running smoothly. Besides that he is crafting content for the blog of course.

  • Barry Kooij

    I’m wondering why you left out Related Posts for WP?

    • followistic

      Hi Barry,

      thanks for pointing that one out. Looks cool! I’m gonna collect some more suggestions and then I’ll update the article.

      • Barry Kooij

        Hey there,

        Any update on this? I’d love to hear your opinion on it 🙂

        Kind Regards,

        Barry Kooij

  • redcrew

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you for the in-depth analysis of the different related posts plugins. I loved the table comparing the features for each option. With nRelate closing down, I’ve discovered monetization, personalization, and performance are three key factors people are looking at for related posts.

    • followistic

      Hi Deborah,

      thanks for the kind words. The post was a lot of work and it’s great to know you appreciate it 🙂
      I hope I can update the post in the future whenever there are new and interesting related content plugins, so that it’s always up to date.

  • FizX

    Outbrain show more outbound links than links from your site. So you are doing FREE service to them to send outbound traffic to them and NO you cannot OPT out from it. So bottom line you will show 6 of their links and 4 of yours.. If you are lucky..

  • Dan Knauss

    I think you’re understating the performance issues with the plugins that have been banned with some hosts. This is a serious issue. It’s not just about the size of your site, it’s about visits/users, especially concurrent users. These plugins do not do well under load. Benchmarking them for performance would probably be the single most useful selection criterion.

  • Ivan M
  • Isabell Gr

    Is this only available at the bottom in posts? Is it possible to get it at the top of the first page?

  • Sarah

    Thanks for this, decision made, Zemanta it is for my blog.

  • James Montgomery

    Great list, you should try out Related Posts Pro, it has a really cool “post pool” visualization –

  • M Teguh A Suandi

    Hi Eric,

    I just published my related posts plugin on You may want to check this Hopefully it can help someone out there.

  • CockShowcase

    Thanks for the post

  • Vladimir Unguru

    Hi Eric,

    Thank you very much for your in-depth article. The table helped me to compare the plugins very eficiently. After playing around with YARPP for a week or so, based on your post I definitely would choose Zemanta.

    A small clarification: YARPP is in fact a 2 in 1 plugin. The standard one is self hosted with no registration, whereas the pro is external with registration.

  • Ozer from Limk

    Hey Eric,

    First, thanks for great article. We built Limk as related posts widget for WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger.

    Launched early in this year and the platform served over 500 million recommendations with hundreds of happy publishers.

    Key advantages of Limk:

    – Limk related posts widget is using the direct internal URLs, no redirection urls. Good for SEO juice.

    – Mobile ready, looks great on mobile phones and tablets

    – Stats panel gives all the data you need.

    – Optional monetization is available for publishers.

    Bloggers can give it a shot (it’s free by the way):

    Would love to help anyone to try our platform: [email protected]

  • Clement Chau

    Thanks for such detailed analysis Eric. Speaking about plugins, usually I will try out all of them first from and if it works well and great, i’ll then only purchase from the official develop, lower risk and they do really have hell lot of extensions and plugins and even themes =)

  • Gerald Stade

    Really helpful, well-sructured article for getting a profound good overview about related-post-Tools. Good work.

  • Rahmat Alamin

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  • kate sheren

    I have only heard and use the Outbrain plugin, But these all are new for me. I will definitely try them to see which works best for me.

  • Pankaj kadam

    Hi Eric,

    Many thanks for opening our vision towards such plugins. I would definitely explore them.

  • abiwrites


    Thanks for sharing these resources.

    Related post plugins are really important for bloggers because it helps them retain their readers, gives their readers option what to do next when they have finished reading your content, and improves the bounce rate of your website – very important for SEO.

    I have also included other related post plugins in my blog post:

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